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I am a 1940’s vintage clad red head from East London. I’m not a real red head, mind you, but  I’ve convinced myself I am.  I am the founder of the Vintage Patisserie, a glamorous hospitality company and author of the  ‘Vintage Tea Party’ Series. I’m the wife to Dick Strawbridge and we have two beautiful children (bias mother of course) together called Arthur (3) and Dorothy (2).






After 15 years in Vintage Hospitably we decided to re-loacte to the Pays de la Loire in France.  We now live in a not too shoddy Chateau with 45 rooms and 12 acres of parkland, called Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson and our focus as a family now is Vintage Weddings.  Note to self – must remember to find out the minimum age my children can start work.