The Vintage Patisserie


I’m very proud of the Vintage Patisserie.  Ten years ago I fouded my vintage hospitality company in London. For many years prior to starting my cherished brand I hosted vintage soirees for my friends and family.  Back some 15 years ago it was not as trendy, but I’ve always loved old things and it was who I was more than a fashion to me.

My love of what I did led me to create my path.  I simply could not see my career being anything different!

As soon as I launched the Vintage Patisserie I was booked for months in advance and the timing was right too. Business is about timing takes ten years for an overnight success right?

Over the years I’ve been blessed to have a bursting books of clients, including Cutler and Gross, Paul Smith, Kim Jones and Liberties and been honoured to host thousands of special events for individuals including barmitzas, christenings, weddings and 100th birthday parties!  I even hosted the Woman’s Institute tent at the Elizabeths Jubilee Pageant. Did not get to have tea with the Queen though, but it’s on my bucket list.

The Vintage Patisserie is now based at the Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson in France.  It’s a fairy-tale castle that allows me to host Vintage Weddings and unique events that I have always dreamed of.